Family Program

On saturday afternoon the B-Sides Festival invites families and children to an eventful program on the Sonnenberg. The children can experience music in a playful way and discover what happens on and off the stage.

Family Brunch

The amazing and extended brunch is a highlight for the kids as well as the parents. Starting from 11 PM there will be a delicious family menu by the B-Sides kitchen.


The Sonnenberg is especially well suited for families. Right next to the festival there is a playground. The playground is always open to the public.

Family Ticket

Parents get more than 50 % discount on the Saturday Ticket. The ticket costs 25.- CHF and is valid ‘till 6 PM. Children up to 12 years old that are accompanied by adults are free from admission. Children between 12 and 14 pay 15.- CHF. The Tickets can be bought viaPETZI.


After 11:00 AM: Brunch
After 12:00 AM: Simon, Upcycling Workshop,, Buttomat, Pfasyl, 3FACH
12:00 AM: El Ritschi
01:15 PM: Triplette
02:15 PM: Robot
02:55 PM: Superband
03:45 PM: Super-Jam